What is the best advice a senior gave you at IIM?

Answer by Feroz Rahman:

Advice is something that you get freely all throughout your life, and IIM was no different.. The best piece of advice I got from a senior(or a super tuchcha) came from a certain Harsha Bhogle.. He was in Ahmedabad for the Test Match between India and as he loves to visit the campus from time to time, he had come over a quick chat with the ones on campus. He was talking to us about life, and one thing stood out in his conversation.. He said and I quote ' The biggest trap that you can fall into is if you can be successful without giving your 100 percent in whatever you are doing. Consider a player of the stature of Rahul Dravid. If he is playing against an Ahmedabad XI week in week out, he will score a century in each and every one of the matches by just giving 60% of what he normally does in an International match. If he continues to get centuries by just performing at 60% of his ability, week in week out, he will never be able to perform at his best when he really wants to. Be very wary of complacency. All of us have been toppers in our lives, and that is why we are here, but once you are out of this place, and if success comes to you easily, be very careful. It's treacherous path to tread down'.

What is the best advice a senior gave you at IIM?


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