It Doesn’t Really Matter When Your Competitor is Acquired. (Except It Means You Weren’t.)


Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 6.29.50 AMThere’s a common bit of advice we entrepreneurs and execs always get:  worry less about the competition, and more just about growing your own business.

It’s good, sound advice.  But man — it’s hard advice to follow.  Between your competitors’ 100 tweets about a day about however Everyone In the World Loves Them, their $50m in venture financing last week, their We Rule the World press releases (that no one reads but you) … competition is all around you.  And that’s not even including the deals you are working on every day, every week, every hour, trying to beat the competition.  If you’re a founder or in sales or marketing or customer success … you’ll be talking about the competition Every Single Day.

And the one thing though that gets your attention more than anything is when a Big Tech Co. enters your space.  Either by building a product from scratch —…

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