SaaStr’s on NBC’s Press: Here on Sunday: “Deal or No Deal? When — and If — To Sell Your Company”. (Or Just Watch it Here Now).


I had a great session on NBC’s Press:Here Yesterday together with The New York Times and TechCrunch on when to sell, or not.  We touched on a lot of SaaStr themes, including a personal favorite of mine — “If You Sell Your Company, You’ll Either Feel Like a Used Car Salesman — Or Like Hugo“.

It airs this Sunday at 9am after Meet the Press.  But it turns out you can watch it right here on the Internet, now 😉

Please let me know your thoughts and feedback.  I’ll try to add a transcript here for those of us that only read and don’t do video.

I thought it was a pretty good conversation and you can hear a lot about what went through my head during various acquisitions processes.  And if I was a Used Car Dealer — or Hugo.

Deal or No Deal?: “Was Snapchat foolish…

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