Why The Greatest Sales Teams Just Kill It On Dec 31. When Everyone Else Has Gone Home.


Screen Shot 2013-12-27 at 1.27.46 PMThere are some real mysteries in SaaS. Even now that I understand them, I still see them as a bit of a mystery. Let me list a few:

  • Why do customers buy a ton of seats up front, when they could start with a few and buy more later?
  • Why do customers buy so much on the last day of the month? Great for sales reps looking to hit their quota. But why are customers in on it?
  • And the Greatest Mystery of All: Why The Heck Do Customers Buy So Much on December 31?

I mean think about it:

>> Nothing is going to get implemented at the very end of the year, even if it is purchased. Why bother buying then, if you’re not ready to deploy?

>> No one is left in the procurement department to issue a P.O.

>> Nothing extra is left in the budget…

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