Why not to Hire ‘IT Department on the Cloud’ for Small Businesses..


While it may appear simple and straightforward to decide to get outsourced IT for Small Business needs especially if you are a small or a medium sized business, here are a few points on why not to do it:

1) Peer pressure:

Simplest thing first.. So everybody you know who’s running a business your size has outsourced their IT to a specialist. They talk about the bell curve and they might make you think the crest is already gone and that now is the time when you should outsource IT. Forget about it..This is absolutely no reason.. Period.

2) Industry:

You are in an industry where you cannot or should not outsource IT. If you are in one of these industries, you would be in a better position to explain this point. I’d encourage you to do so in the comments section (please remember to add your industry segment and a link back to your website).

3) Time that you require IT for professional use:

If your business warrants need for Business IT only during normal working hours, you are better off hiring IT internally (It might cost you less if you are running a slightly larger organization but overall may outweigh pros of outsourced IT hands down).

4) Speed of change:

This is an extension to point 2 but one that I thought required mention. Your industry is one of those where speed is everything. Although Outsourced IT vendors change pretty fast, it would be a risk to put faith in them when your organization needs to be much faster to change than an average organization. Please do leave a comment (if you belong to an org like this) on the section below along with your industry vertical and link to your website.

5) Low cost country:

Invariably most Outsourced IT vendors outsource some part of their work to India, Philippines etc. If you do not wish to work with them, you might not want to outsource IT or at the least have them give you in writing that for the part of business with you they’ll never use any low cost country resource. I live and work out of a low cost country but when it comes to outsourcing marketing or any high value job, I prefer outsourcing to one of the developed nations but IT is inhouse. So, if you work with me, you know who’s taking care of your IT.

6) IT Vendor:

Last but by no means the least, so there is (are) this (these) IT vendor (s) who has (have) been sending you cards, e-mails, marketing material, making phone calls. This is the second most simple reason not to change. They are doing their jobs well at least in the ‘reaching out’ department, but this is no reason why you should change direction. The decision to change should be dependent on you and your customers, both present and future.

About the Author: Raj Nadar works with Albion Global, Inc  which provides SoHo IT Support and Small Business IT Outsourcing. The Focus is on allowing SMBs spend time on Business while leaving their IT worries to us, whether it be managing their IT infrastructure, IT Security, IT Backup or the question how fast or slow should we change, how and when to move IT to cloud, whether to do it etc, in effect enabling them to not loose any competitive advantage with the ‘big boys’ because of IT strategy and resources.


Your thoughts?

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