Raj Nadar Bio

Raj Nadar :

Born in Pondicherry, in southern India, I have been raised in Calcutta (Eastern India) and Bhilai (kind-of Central India) with all of my schooling from a Christian School (Mar Gregorious Memorial Senior Secondary School) in Bhilai.

Bhilai gave a metropolitan feel even though was just a small town. Steel Authority of India Limited (or SAIL) had built a massive Bhilai Steel Plant (or BSP) in the 1960s in association with Russia (Remember, although non-aligned, India was closer to Russia at the time than it was ever to the US?). People from all over the country had come down to this ‘steel city’ in search for a better livelihood (My Dad had moved from Calcutta in 1981).

My grandfather (AMJ Paul) and my mother (Lalitha Swamy) wanted me to be an Engineer and I guess so did I. After writing in and passing through a state level pre- Engineering exam (Bhilai, at the time was part of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, now it is part of a carved out state called Chattisgarh), I moved to Indore to pursue my Bachelors of Engineering in 1998 from IET, DAVV. Passed out of this 4 year Degree course in the year 2002, which was not such a great year to pass out as it would turn out (you can argue it was worse for students who passed out in 2001 who were denied appointment letters after being cut job offers from on-campus recruitment drives).

We all took it in it’s stride and pursued different futures and presents. Some moved to other countries to pursue higher studies, some pursued higher studies within the country to tide over the downturn. I and a lot of others jumped into the pool of people called job hunters.

Professional Life:

I started off as a B2C sales guy making calls with the help of an automated dialer selling a 2 British Pound a month telecom package where I used to get into conversation with people from small villages in West Lothian to uber busy people in Hartfordshire.

All I wanted to do as a next step was to be a B2B sales guy and so I made a move to B2B in 2004.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been:

1) Successful in managing upto 20 inside sales, channel sales and pre-sales professionals into proactive selling of B2B SaaS applications using Web Meetings, Telephone and Internet Technology

2)  Efficient in streamlining the process for new business acquisition targeting medium sized businesses in US, Canada and even emerging markets across the globe

3) Involved in recruitment in forums with excess of 1000 candidates in a single day apart from regular hiring.

Some lines I picked up from the net:
The map is not the territory
Life and ‘Mind’ are Systemic Processes
Behind every behavior is a positive intention
Rapport is necessary for effective communication
There is no failure, only feedback
Choice is better than no choice (and flexibility is the way one gets choice)
The meaning of the communication is in the response
People already have all the resources they need to succeed
Multiple descriptions are better than one

I am the Founder of Inside Sales On Demand serving B2B SaaS Startups with Sales as a Service.

Sample Blog: How to ‘manage’ an Inside Sales Org..


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